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February 5,2011

Folks with questions:

  • I do want to help you but based on the volume of e-mail I receive I have reached the point where it is not possible to respond to every message in a timely fashion and I feel guilty when I don't reply.

  • Going forward I have to ask that folks with questions please join my .22 forum and ask them there. This will prevent the questions from being missed, allow them to be answered by others besides myself and most importantly will let others gain from the questions and their responses.

  • Joining the forum has the added benefit of allowing you to upload pictures.

  • Messages that do not require replies or feedback that I have solicited are still welcome through this contact page.


Please note:

News, Events and Reviews

If you have a shooting related product, news or event let us know through this contact page. If your item includes media, pictures etc we will respond with a direct e-mail address to get those items included with your submission. Additionally if you have a shooting related product for review this is the place to let us know


If you would like to be an advertiser at this site the rates are very competitive. Each advertiser is handled on a per case basis. Short term advertisements are allowed.

Please Read Everything Above Before Using The Contact Form.

All business contacts and advertisers should still be made through this form.

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