Most people are suprised to learn that owning a GUN SILENCER or SUPPRESSOR is perfectly legal most states. The problem is it's much more challenging and time consuming then buying a firearm. SILENCERS and SOUND SUPPRESSORS are considered NFA/Class III devices similar to fully automatic and select fire machine guns. As such a $200 tax stamp from the government is required for all transfers of SILENCERS and SUPPRESSORS. There are two paths you can take to purchase a SILENCER or SUPPRESSOR. The first path is the least expensive. It requires the approval of the chief local law enforcement officer. This may or may not be an issue where you live.

The second way to purchase a SILENCER or SUPPRESSOR is with a GUN TRUST. With the GUN TRUST you do not need the chiel local law enforcement officer to sign off on anything. On the surface it may sound like you would use this method as a way to circumvent the chief local law enforcement officer but the fact of the matter is this is a great opportunity to plan for the future of your firearms. The trust allows you to plan what happens to your firearms in the event of life altering situations or even death. It's a great time to get your affairs in order and protect your valuable assetts for generations. I suggest everyone set up a gun trust and take advantage of the side effect that allows you to purchase some great hardware. The trust will cost you from $500-$1500. Use an attorney that is a gun enthusist and member of the NRA.

Below I will outline the steps I took along with a timeline and any key information


This was probably the single biggest detail preventing me from setting up a GUN TRUST. I was not aware of a local attorney who could set up the trust. Then as luck would have it I happened upon CTSHOOTING.COM and a member mentioned an attorney, the Law Offices of Jalowiec & Zeck, LLC who just happened to have an office 10 minutes from my home.

I placed a call to the attorneys office and received an email package and a phone call from attorney Mark Zeck. Mark pretty much just elaborated on the details of his email. Basically it's a questionaire to be prepared and sent back to the attorney. Mark gave me the option of doing everything in one visit or meeting first and making certain my interests were properly protected before creating the trust. I wisely chose the latter. I left the attorneys office feeling very good that my interests would be properly cared for.

My first meeting with attorney Mark Zeck was July 7, 2011 with a follow up date July 21, 2011 for the trust signing.


This was an area that was confusing. I wasn't clear on the exact timing of when I could purchase the silencer. Well here is the thing. You can buy one at anytime you just cant process the federal forms without the trust. I decided to purchase mine one week before I signed my trust. Ill explain why below.

When purchasing a SILENCER or SUPPRESSOR you need to know what you want first off. You then need to see if there is any stock locally. Finding your suppressor locally will eliminate about two weeks of delay. Even if you find a SILENCER or SUPPRESSOR cheaper online you should keep in mind there will typically be a $100 transfer fee. If you buy locally there is no fee. So it might be a wash. I enlisted the services of JoJo's Gunworks for my transfers.

Buying a SILENCER or SUPPRESSOR online. I was forced to take this path as none of the dealers in my state had anything I wanted in stock and all were talking a six month wait. I found a website called MAJOR MALFUNCTION MUNITIONS. MAJOR MALFUNCTION sells all SILENCERS and SUPPRESSORS for like $50 over cost. While thats great you need to account for the transfer fees mentioned previously. The best reason to go with MAJOR MALFUNCTION is he has stock when nobody else does. Keep in mind this is a side business for MAJOR MALFUNCTION.

Once placing the order with the online dealer there is approximately a two week wait before the SILENCERS or SUPPRESSORS make it to your local dealer. The reason for this is the government has to approve that both parties can legal handle the NFA transfer. Nothing you can do about it.

July 17, 2011 I placed my order with Major Malfunction Munitions



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