Firearm Cleaning Tools & Supplies:

Cleaning a Firearm:

is a task that very few shooters enjoy but every shooter must perform routinely to keep their firearm in top form for reliability and accuracy. I for one do not enjoy cleaning my firearms so i thought after about 15 or so years of doing the same old thing I thought I would take the time to see what cleaning products are available to a shooter in 2009. Regardless of the type of firearm the goal is the same. The firearm needs to have all fouling removed. By fouling we mean the copper, lead, carbon all deposited throughout the mechanics of the firearm with every shot fired. Shotguns may even have plastic residue from the wad left in the barrel. Some firearms are easier to clean then others. A handgun can be soaked in solution, scrubbed and then blown with air. The other end of the spectrum is a semiautomatic firearm like an AR-15 that has a bit off disassembly required to do a thorough job. Some firearms have special tools available to make cleaning a certain part of your firearm easier. The AR-15 is a good example again as there are special chamber brushed and carbon scrapers available for the rifle. Once you've cleaned your firearm the choice of the correct lube is very important as is using the correct amount and type.

Gun Cleaning Kits

Firearm cleaning kits come in all shapes and sizes. Theres universal kits, handgun, rifle and shotgun specific. From there you coud even find a kit for a particular brand or model firearm. The kits consist of rods or cables for pushing and pulling the cleaning brushes and mops through the firearms bore. Care should be taken when selecting a kit. You want a kit thats made well and is fabricated from a material that cant damage your firearm. My preference is for a kit made from brass or vinyl coated steel rods.

Remove Copper Fouling from Bore

Remove Lead from the Bore

Remove the Carbon


Firearm Lubricants & Gun Grease

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