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Gun Safes

I don't have a vast knowledge of safes but I have learned a few things along the way in no particular order.

  • Buy the biggest safe you can afford. If you have military styled rifles that consist of pistol grips,high capacity magazines and optics you can quickly reduce a safes specified capacity half. My Sentry G2459C - 24 Gun Safe would easily store its listed capacity in bolt action rifles and shotguns but throw in a few AR-15's, FS2000, GSG-5, FN FAL and a CETME all with mag's and optics in place and things get tight quickly.
  • Interior height - make certain the safe you choose has a layout that accommodates your longest rifles
  • Weight is your friend. Get the heaviest safe you can for your living arrangement.
  • Bolt it down.
  • Security - if you have a security system install a vibration or tilt switch to trigger the alarm if the safe is tampered with. Additionally if you alarm system allows for additional zones place the safe in its own so it can be monitored even if the remainder of your home isn't armed. My safe is in a closet with a keypad right next to it and a siren directly above the safe.
  • Don't use a metal cabinet as a safe. Its false security. They are suitable for ammo, holsters and other inexpensive shooting accessories but don't use them as gun safes.
  • Shop around for the best price delivered to your home. Advertised prices that dont include delivery will be deceptively low.
  • Where to get a safe - At this time I am recomending the fine folks at Occasionaly Costco and Sam's Club have good deals "in store" depending on where you live.

Gun Safes

GunVault MicroVault

GunVault has come out with its smallest safe ever: The MicroVault. The MicroVault’s unique notebook-style design allows one to securely transport a handgun or valuables. Incredibly compact and lightweight, this safe will fit inside a briefcase or day pack and can be quickly accessed with GunVault’s No-Eyes keypad.

The MicroVault features more than twelve million user-selectable access codes and audio feedback to instantly confirm correct keypad entries. A built-in computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries and the tamper indicator notes invalid entry attempts. In addition the audio disable feature allows the option for stealth mode operation.  Also available is GunVault’s MicroBioVault, which uses biometrics to allow owners quick access to the safe’s contents.  MSRP $139.95 (MV500) and $215.95 (MVB500).

The GunVault MicroVault and MicroBioVault specifications:
- Dimensions: 11 W x 8 H x 2 D
- Weight: 4.5 pounds

GunVault MicroVault


BROWNING Tactical Gun Safe
Browning AR34F Tactical Gun Safe – The Most Unique Browning Gun Safe In 27 Years

The AR34F Breaks New Ground. Browning has been the industry leader and innovator in gun safes for over 27 years.

But there has never been a Browning ProSteel safe like the all new AR34F Tactical safe. In fact the AR34F leads in ground breaking innovation and is the first Tactical gun safe ever.

And it is perfect for the person who has special guns — tactical guns — that have special storage requirements.

On the outside it has the tactical look you like — black and textured — with the unique look of overhead and side racking. On the inside it is specially designed to handle the odd shapes and sizes and special storage requirements of tactical guns. That means its made for shorter length rifles with different shapes, unique Optics and unique buttplate-to-magazine-to-muzzle dimensions. Finally a practical way to secure your AR, M-16, M4, AK, FAL, FNAR, SCAR, or whatever, in a way that makes sense and doesn’t waste valuable space. It is not a beginner’s safe. If you have the goods that need protection from theft and fire, this gun safe excels. If you like the look of black guns, then this gun safe rises to the top.

The AR34F – Tactical looks and an interior that will conveniently hold both tactical and sporting guns.

* 12-gauge steel body
* 1″ formed steel door
* Force Deflector Locking Mechanism
* Hardened steel pin lock protection
* 1″ chromed locking bolts
* DPX Storage System
* UL tool attack listed
* S&G electronic lock
* Elevated floor to facilitate removal of guns
* Door Frame - U-Channel reinforced steel
* 1200°/60 min.
* Additional Barrel Rests - shorter configuration allows for convenient storage of shorter overall length tactical guns.
* Tactical Design Features - The tactical gun owner gets a safe that matches the looks of his guns.
* New interior configuration conveniently holds both tactical and sporting guns
* External Accessory Rack - conveniently hang your gear outside the safe.
* Additional internal storage features - side mounted hooks and tray for top shelf slot
* Reinforced patterned rubber bottom panel
* Picatinny rail accessory - mounts on shelves
* Short gun capacity - interior and door

* 1200° F/60 min. fire protection
* Three layers of 1/2″ fire-resistant insulation in the body and door
Palusol® expanding fire seal

 Browning AR34F Tactical Gun Safe

Browning AR34F Tactical Gun Safe

Car Console Vaults

Console Vault has an interesting line of vehicle specific security lock boxes to be mounted in vehicles.

Console Vault

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