What I Shoot

I am asked about my ammunition preferences often enough where I decided that it was time for two simple pages devoted to the subject. No long winded reviews or a plethora of pictures. Just the bottom line of what I buy for ammunition.

Here's the thing about me i do not believe In spending my hard earned cash on purchasing and upgrading firearms only to turn around and feed them the cheapest, lowest quality import ammunition I can find. I am also not implying I only buy the top of the line and everything else is trash. That's simply not the case. In fact my accuracy testing in the field with average shooters has proved to me time after time that despite bragging and ego's most guys offhand handgun shooting skills do not put the bullets on the target any better with FEDERAL GOLD MEDAL MATCH AMMUNITION then they do with FEDERAL AMMUNITIONS personal protection or law enforcement lines of ammunition such as the HI-SHOCK and HYDRA SHOCK. So to that end below you will all the handgun calibers I currently shoot. I will list my preferred ammunition along with the manner in which I utilize it.

.45 ACP

My .45acp shooting consists of a KIMBER TACTICAL ENTRY II 1911, PARA ORDNANCE P12 1911, COLT GOLD CUP 1911, PARA ORDNANCE PDA and SMITH & WESSON 745. The PARA P12 is a concealed carry gun while the others are strictly paper punchers.

  • .45acp Concealed Carry Ammunition - WINCHESTER 45 Automatic 230 gr. Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 S45PDB, FEDERAL 230 gr. HYDRA SHOCK P45HS1
  • .45acp Premium Match Ammunition - FEDERAL GOLD MEDAL MATCH GM45A
  • .45acp Basic Ammunition - FEDERAL AMERICAN EAGLE AE45A2


The .44 MAGNUM choices are pretty easy. Once again I stick with Federal Ammunition. Occasionally I will find Winchester USA at a bargain but I still prefer ther Federal offerings all things being equal. I f I was a hunter I would look to Black Hills Ammunition.

  • Federal American Eagle Ammunition 44 Remington Magnum 240 Grain Soft Point
  • Federal Premium Personal Defense Ammunition 44 Remington Magnum 240 Grain Hydra-Shok Jacketed Hollow Point


Being a popular caliber for law enforcement 40S&W has some fantastic options available to shooters. In fact my target practice round is well suited to personal protection. I utilize this ammunition in my GLOCK 22 and SIG SAUER P226 ENHANCED ELITE

  • 40S&W Concealed Carry Ammunition - WINCHESTER .40S&W 165 gr. JHP Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 S40SWPDB (Testing this now)
  • 40S&W Practice Ammunition - FEDERAL 40S&W 180 gr. HST JHP XM40HC. This is the best deal in 40S&W ammunition. This ammo is manufactured for Law Enforcement. Your getting a premium JHP round for the price of AMERICAN EAGLE ball ammo. This ammo could easily satisfy all 40S&W applications.
  • 40S&W Basic Ammunition - AMERICAN EAGLE 40S&W 155 gr. FMJ AE40R2


I don't shoot much 9mm these days though I do occasionally carry me BERETTA 92FC. My ammunition of choice is the following.

  • 9mm Concealed Carry Ammunition - FEDERAL 9mm LUGER 147 gr. HYDRA-SHOK JHP P9HS2
  • 9mm Practice Ammunition - Federal JHP 115 Grain +P+ Classic Hi-Shok 9BPLE.
  • 9mm Practice Ammunition - Federal 147 grain Hi-Shok JHP Hollow Point 9MS - This is another fantastic law enforcement round similar to the 40S&W referenced above.


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While I can safely shoot .38 SPECIAL AMMUNITION out of my SMITH&WESSON 686 I rarely do. This leaves me with my SMITH&WESSON 642 as my only handgun that gets fed .38 SPECIAL AMMUNITION

  • .38 SPECIAL Concealed Carry Ammunition - CORBON 38 SPECIAL +P 110 gr. JHP SD38110/20

.380 AUTO

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Well there's very few options in the 32 H&R MAGNUM and FEDERAL AMMUNTION only produces this ammo a few times per year. Fortunately the most readily available option is wonderfully accurate and a decent defensive round and the only one I buy. I shoot this in my SMITH&WESSON K16 32 H&R MAGNUM


.25 AUTO

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