Scope Ring Alignment:

Scope Ring Alignment and Installation Tools

  • SCOPE RING ALIGNMENT LAP - Helps prevent dinged and damaged scope tubes by removing high spots to quickly true misaligned or out-of-round scope rings so they're perfectly in line. Also works to turn-in and rough align rotary dovetail rings. Dual-handles with multiple, transverse, lapping compound grooves give complete control and fast results. Includes lapping compound.
  • SCOPE RING ALIGNMENT TOOL - Precision machined aluminum tool allows you to instantly align 1" or 30mm scope rings to prevent bending, twisting, or marring the scope body. Center rods are length adjustable to allow quick extension without loosening the scope ring several times to adjust the rod length. Individual cylinders use large, knurled collet nuts that easily tighten for a firm hold on the center rods. Out-of-align rings may require adjustment, lapping, or shimming of base to correct the problem.
  • SCOPE RING ALIGNMENT REAMER - Gives perfect alignment between the scope tube and rings to end dented scopes and broken or distorted reticles. 100% surface contact helps keep scopes in place during heavy recoil.

Whats the big deal about aligning scope rings?

To begin with improperly aligned scope rings can damage the scope. who hasnt seen a scope that looked like the scope rings were embedded into it? Not only is the damage cosmetic but the stress of misaligned scope rings can cause internal damage causing the scope to be less than accurate or worse cause the scope to fail prematurally and most likely at the worse possible time.

If you ever experienced a scope that wouldnt stay in place this too was most likely caused by improperly aligned scope rings. Think of it this way, the rings are designed so that the inner flat surfaces clamp evenly and securely across the entire width of the ring. If the scope ring is out of line the scope ends up being gripped by only the edge of the rings. This will allow the scope to move under recoil unless the shooter tightend the rings to the point where they dig in to the scope body as mentioned in the previous paragraph. Often you will see guys with shims of paper and other compressible materials between the scope and the rings. This method is really just an attempt to compensate for misaligned rings.

Test for yourself, go out and minimally buy a lapping rod and try it with your next scope installation. After a few minutes of lapping you will see how far off your best aligning method is.

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How to properly align scope rings
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